︎︎︎ Print, Art Direction, Exhibition, Editorial
︎︎︎ Client: Fundació Sorigué
︎︎︎ Protography: Koldo Castillo
︎︎︎ Print: Impressus
︎︎︎ Year: 2016

Catalog concept and design for the Group and Foundation of Sorigué. We link Sorigué's industrial and construction activity with an art installation of Chiharu Shiota exclusive for his Foundation. Transmitting the vocation of the Group's return through art. Connecting two distant elements: construction and contemporary art. Visual and tactile tour culminated with the installation "In the Beginning was..." Strengthen the idea of return: the concept is "The cycle of the Earth". Cyclic texts (through corner of the catalogue), set transparency, textures, weights and shades of paper (everything is a consequence of), and photo tour of the cycle.Hardback lined, finishing soft touch, adhesive and dry embossing on the cover. Stamping on back. Rustic binding, game of roles (looking for optimization).